The neighborhood

Eixample is the biggest of all Barcelona neighborhoods. It is known for its beautiful modernist buildings, wide streets and spacious apartments…Eixample means “extension” in Catalan, the name already says that it is considered a newer part of the city.

This neighborhood is located in the north of Plaza Catalunya and stretches all the way up to Diagonal street. Paseo de Gracia street divides it into the Right and Left Eixample area. It has been planned as an extension to the city by the famous Catalan architect Cerda back in the 1850s. The way this area has been designed is very special as it is set out in a grid with each block having an inner courtyard. The grid shape makes it easy to find your way around the neighborhood and it is quite hard to get lost.

Eixample is a very clean and secure neighborhood and has a large residential area. Thanks to its wide streets you can find many spacious and bright apartments. It basically provides the perfect mix: Being a residential area providing the tranquility when you need it and at the same time there are many bars, restaurants and clubs. It is a middle to upper-middle class barrio and is home to many of Barcelona’s architectural highlights, such as the Gaudi buildings. In the right Eixample you can find the famous Sagrada Familia and on Paseo de Gracia you can find Casa Battlo and Mila.

Eixample also has the most famous shopping streets with Paseo de Gracia and Rambla Catalunya. You can find just about any luxury label shop you like and if you are exhausted from shopping you can have a cocktail and relax on one of the many rooftop terraces. Luxury hotels, such as the Majestic, Condes or Omm Hotel have stunning rooftop terraces. In the west of Eixample you can find Plaza Espana with its magic fountain where you can see spectacular light shows almost every evening in summer.

With easy public transportation access through metro, bus and train stations it is a very well connected neighborhood. Universities such as EADA and EAE are located right in the center of Eixample and to ESADE and IEASE you are only a train ride away.


  • Gaudi’s masterpieces
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Casa Battlo
  • Casa Mila
  • Beautiful modernist buildings
  • Spacious & bright apartments
  • A million restaurants
  • Shopping: Paseo de Gracia and Rambla Catalunya
  • Museum: Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Eixample impressions


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Flats in Eixample