The neighborhood

Gracia has it all! From art galleries to fabulous restaurants and shopping opportunities. Have a coffee in the sun on one of the many vibrant squares…What people love most about Gracia is the feeling of being with the locals, far away from the tourist attractions. You still get this small town feeling although being in the middle of the big city.

Gracia used to be an independent town until the late 19th century and although its just a couple of metres from Paseo de Gracia you realize its a whole different scene. What makes this neighborhood special are the many squares full of cafes, restaurants and bars. Check out the famous Plaza del Sol and you will be sure to always find a sunny spot and interesting people to watch. Amazing plaza atmosphere and pedestrian streets: Life happens out in the streets and it never gets boring around this area. You can get lost in the many small streets discovering fancy boutique shops next to traditional Spanish stores. This area is known for great shopping and rather than the mainstream department store you can rather find unique pieces of great quality.

Food lovers will find an exclusive variety of restaurants from Japenese to Catalan and Greek cuisine. Especially ecologic and vegan food fans love this area as there are many healthy shops. Gracia is quite close to the famous Parc Guell but this is just about the only touristic touch this neighborhood gets. Once a year in summer the “Fiestas de Gracia” are celebrated out in the most popular streets of this neighborhood. All Gracia fans are all year looking forward to this amazing event with crazy decorations, live music and food & drinks on the street.

Who lives here? There are many Catalán people who are lucky enough to have lived there their whole lives there but also many young international people and of course the bohemian artsy and hipster crowd. Gracia is much more than just a neighborhood! It feels like a little town you never have to leave because you can actually find all you need in it.


  • Boutique shopping
  • Sunny cafes
  • Art galleries
  • Bohemian vibe
  • Vibrant squares
  • Gaudi’s Parc Guell
  • Plaza del Sol
  • Variety of restaurants
  • Healthy food shops

Gracia impressions


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Flats in Gracia